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Lactation Management

  • At Breach Candy Hospital, we take the initiative to prepare you to enter your life’s greatest adventure –Motherhood- give your baby the best possible gift ever –BREAST FEEDING
  • With the dawn of new millennium, breastfeeding has taken a very critical role in child and maternal health, so learn the art of CORRECT BREAST FEEDING, in our “LACTATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME”.
  • Our team of Lactation experts visit each delivered mothers daily in wards to train and supervise the breast feedings of all new mothers


  • How to get the perfect latch
  • How to prevent breast related issues like engorgement, lump in breast, cracked nipples etc.
  • How to recognize early feeding problems.
  • How to know that your breast-milk is adequate for your baby.
  • What is the correct breast feeding technique.
  • Personal hygiene during antenatal period and postnatal period
  • Importance & correct technique of Hand hygiene while handling the newborn.

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