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Blood Bank

About Blood Bank

The blood bank department is a part of Dept. of Hematological Medicine which also has a complementary Hematology lab and both units are under Head of Hematological Medicine. This synergy facilitates quick diagnosis in bleeding emergencies and facilitates the prompt issue of the necessary component therapy. The Dept. of Hematology is a post-graduate training centre recognized by the MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences).

For a multispecialty referral hospital, Transfusion Medicine services are at the core of all activities. Over 20 years ago, we were one of the first few hospitals to get a license for component therapy, which we replaced for whole blood and introduced the practice of modern transfusion medicine. Developments in Transfusion Medicine was the precursor to other departments of excellence developed at Breach Candy Hospital Trust like –cardiovascular surgery, oncology etc.

In all problems, the components necessary were given. The components prepared are: 1. Packed red cells 2. Fresh frozen plasma 3. Platelets 4. Cryoprecipitate. Facilities for plateletpheresis exist by utilizing state of the art Baxter Amicus and Fresenius Com.Tec. machines.

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Technology and Services


Quality of our products is our primary focus. This is achieved with strict vigilance and best operating practices, quality control at every level. Breach candy blood bank department is NABH accredited and it complies with FDA and other Regulatory Authorities. It strives to achieve International standards and meets their requirements through continuous improvement of Quality Management system.

Virtual zero level risk of transfusion transmitted disease(TTDs):

The endeavour of the department is to supply safest possible blood components. The blood bank department has a separate division which deals with TTD screening. This is done with state-of-the-art technology with a focus on bringing TTDs to a zero incidence. Besides testing hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, malaria and syphilis by latest generation kits, we also test for hepatitis B core antibodies. We are arranging for NAT on request. Our staff are also very conscientious while screening and interviewing the donor. In a nutshell, efforts are at various levels to pick up cases in the earliest incubation period.

Antibody study section:

We have a serology section to perform grouping cross-matching by the latest automated technology. Expertise in this section ensures minimal antibody related transfusion reactions. In addition, all our products are transfused with filters to prevent febrile reactions due to leucocytes and prevention of antibody associated reactions.

Day-care services:

As a part of hematological medicine we have a day care transfusion service mainly for patients with hematological problems who require regular blood transfusions. This is done on a day care basis wherein the patient comes in the morning, is clinically examined, investigated and given the necessary blood component to the best of our knowledge this is a unique service operated through a hospital.

Patient–friendly service:

Our blood bank department is geared as a service centre in the interest of our patients admitted at Breach Candy hospital. Whenever a patient needs blood transfusion in emergency, our staff goes out of the way to arrange the necessary products.

Blood donation:

Breach Candy blood bank department organizes blood donation camps on a regular basis. Breach Candy blood bank department motivates the donors to become a regular voluntary blood donor as their act can save many lives.