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Monday-Friday : 8:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday : 8:00AM - 1:00PM


About Sonography

Sonography one of the basic and essential diagnostic modality. We have 5 dedicated Sonography rooms; equipped with a Siemen’s Acuson S 2000 helix and Redwood machines which are the most technologically advanced Sonography machines available. These High end ultrasound machines have excellent image quality and are equipped with modern applications like elastography, Harmonic Imaging and 3D imaging. The Sonography machines are equipped with a wide range of transducers so all types of Sonography examination can be performed. Routine, endocavitatory, high resolution, 3D and doppler’s of any vessel are done. Portable Sonography is performed at the bedside for inpatients who cannot be transported to the imaging department. These patients also benefit from the high-resolution machines at the bedside.

Breach Candy Hospital Trust is the first in the country to have a wireless Sonography machine the Acuson Freestyle Sonography machine from Siemens. Infection is a major concern in the ICU and since this machine is wireless there is no chance of infection being transported to the patient via the transducer cables.

Highly trained Lady Sonologists are available for female patients who prefer a lady doctor only.

Preparation & Scan

For Abdomen Sonography/kidney Doppler, 4 hours of fasting is required For pelvic sonography, full bladder is needed which can be achieved by not passing urine atleast 1 hour before the scan and drinking 1 liter of water in this time.