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About MRI

MRI is the greatest medical advancement of all time. Breach candy hospital trust was the first hospital in the country in 1998 to have an MRI. There was only one other MRI introduced in the same year by INMAS, a defense establishment in Delhi. We now have the wide bore Siemens MAGNETOM VERIO 3 Tesla machine, the first of its kind in Mumbai.

We are very sensitive to patient comfort as well as claustrophobic patients. The wide bore in the MRI helps us tremendously in allaying fear of patients. This is very important as if the patient is moving during the scan, the images will not come in an acceptable resolution.

Additionally a TV with headphones is available within the MRI room, so the patient may watch any content they desire during the scan, helping them to reduce the fear / claustrophobia.

At Breach Candy Hospital utilising the wide bore we have scanned children who did not want to undergo anaesthesia. They have been scanned with either a parent or sibling lying by their side in the machine. The bore is so wide that it can accommodate two people, we have also scanned a neonate on a ventilator with his attendant nurse and also patients with ankylosing spondylitis who could not fit into the coil due to their deformity without a coil.Most metallic aortic valves are also safe. Some of patients need a MRI for their back pain and they are unable to be on their back thus are unable to undergo an MRI. Since our machine is a 3 Tesla with a wide bore we can scan these patients with them lying on the side. The image quality is excellent with no compromise in the diagnosis.

As the MRI Machine is very powerful, it is also noisy. Silence scans are available which reduce the noise significantly.

A MRI machine uses a very strong magnetic field – 30,000 times that of the earth. With the use of coils, gradients and an extremely powerful computer it produces amazing high resolution crystal clear images of all regions of the human body. MRI is absolutely safe, there is no radiation nor any adverse effect on the human body. Occasionally patients may feel a bit warm during the san in the region where the scan is being performed. Patients with pacemakers, metallic aortic valves, infusion pumps and cochlear implants should not undergo MRI studies. Some pacemakers are MRI compatible. Some metallic aortic valves are also safe. Please carry details of your metallic valve to know if it is safe.

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In cases of contrast study, blood test report of Serum Creatinine will be needed. This can be done on an immediate basis by giving blood at our hospital 30 minutes before the scan. Additionally a point of care (POC) creatinine meter is available in the CT/MRI department which delivers a serum creatinine value in 30seconds.In Abdomen or MRCP studies 4 hours of fasting is required. In other scans no fasting is needed. Please inform the MRI technologist or radiologist if any surgical implant has been placed in your body such as pacemaker, cochlear implant, prosthetic heart valves or infusion pumps. Patients can take their regular medicines and follow their usual routine before the scan. Please bring all your old reports for comparison.

MRI SCAN As you arrive for your appointment, our resident doctor will meet you and take detailed history and collect blood & old reports. You may use this opportunity to ask any queries you have about the scan. You will be shown in a private preparation room, where if need be you’ll be asked to change into hospital gown.

Patients must remove all metallic objects before going into MRI machine including credit cards. Metallic objects will get attracted by the strong magnetic field and get pulled into the machine as a projectile, which can be very dangerous.Patients must take care there is no metallic object; credit cards and watches should also not be taken into the machine.As credit cards can be erased and watches stop functioning. Patients are given a locker to place their valuable, keys, metallic objects, watches and credit cards. The key of the locker is non-metallic so safe to be carried into the MRI machine. In case a patient is claustrophobic, a short sedation may be given.

After that you will be taken into the MRI room where you’ll be given an emergency bell in your hand and headphones will be given to cover the noise of the machine. You can request your favorite song tracks/albums/artists. You can be sure we will have your favorite songs. The doctor will explain the scan, and the process we will follow. In some scans brief intermittent periods of breath holding may be needed. In cases of contrast study an IV line will be taken by our specialist sisters/doctors to ensure painless cannulation and a contrast agent (commonly called as dye) will be injected through the IV line. As we use the latest and best quality of contrast agents, any chance of contrast reaction is minimal. In case IV line has been taken it will be removed and small band-aid applied. All your reports will be returned to you. The time of report collection will be intimated. In case of emergency scans, a provisional report can be provided so patients can consult their doctors immediately.

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