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Tomosynthesis and digital mammogram

About Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis

The mammography department is equipped with state of art Hologic Selenia Dimensions Digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis machine. Mammography machines are used to detect breast cancer at an early stage before it becomes palpable. Also mammography is useful in evaluating a palpable lump. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women today. With increasing incidence of breast cancer, mammography is recommended as a part of health checkup for women. It has been established that early detection leads to very high cure rate and excellent prognosis.

A Mammography is a low dose x-ray taken of breasts. Digital Tomosynthesis is a 3- dimensional picture of the breast using x-rays. Digital tomosynthesis of the breast is different from a standard mammogram in the same way a CT scan of the chest is different from a standard chest x-ray. A conventional mammogram produces two views of the breast, in tomosynthesis about 50 serial views are obtained. This results in the evaluation of thin slices of breast tissue, reducing overlap of breast tissue. Conventional two view mammograms have a lower sensitivity as cancers can be missed as breast tissue is overlapped. A special feature of our machine is C View. With tomosynthesis there are two radiation exposures- to obtain a 2D and a 3D view. With C view with a single radiation exposure both 2D and 3D are obtained thus reducing radiation exposure considerably.

The breast is compressed using paddles for few seconds as multiple x-ray picture of each breast is taken from many angles while the x-ray tube moves in an arc. The breast compression paddles in our machine are specially designed to compress the breast in a physiologic manner so as to minimize pain during the procedure. The digital information is sent to a computer where it is assembled to produce clear, highly focused dimensional images throughout the breast.

Our technicians are well trained and are gentle to reduce the discomfort of the mammography. High resolution ultrasound of breasts are performed for patients as part of the examination. High quality digital films for mammography and printouts for sonography are handed over to the patient with a detailed report.

Screening Mammography

It is recommended that every woman above the age of 40 years have a mammogram done annually.

Diagnostic Mammography

Any woman having symptoms of breast lump, nipple discharge, skin changes, nipple retraction should undergo an immediate mammography to rule out malignancy.


  • Avoid wearing any perfume, talcum power or deodorant.
  • Carry your old reports and films for comparison.