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Dr. Amish Vasant Dalal (Coordinator)



Dr Amish Dalal is Cancer Surgeon with a M.S. in general surgery from Bombay University and a FRCS from Glasgow and an FICS from the International College of Surgeons.

He has trained extensively in Surgical Oncology at the Tata Cancer Hospital under the guidance of various specialists and in every anatomical area of the body from 1986 to December 1993.

He went to the UK and was employed for two years by the University of Liverpool as a Tutor in Surgery and with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital as a Senior Registrar for the on-call rota.



He is practising as a Surgical & Gynecologic Oncologist in Mumbai at Breach Candy Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, Bhatia Hospital, Saifee and Parsee General Hospital. His special interests are in breast, gynaecologic, urologic, colorectal and thyroid cancers. Where applicable he performs laparoscopic or robotic surgeries for some of these cancers.

He has been teaching medical students/postgraduates when he was a postgraduate student, then as a senior registrar at Tata Cancer Hospital and finally as a Tutor in Surgery at the University of Liverpool, UK.



Awarded by the UICC (International Union against Cancer) an ICRETT Fellowship in March 1994. Project: “Technique of Nerve Sparing Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection and Evaluation of its Morbidity.” esp. in post-chemotherapy cases. Project was done at the Indiana University Medical Centre (USA) with Dr. J.P. Donohue.

Awarded by the UICC (International Union against Cancer) an ICRETT Fellowship in April 2001. Project: “Role of Laparoscopy in Gynecologic Oncology”. The project was done at the Frauenklinikum – Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany under the guidance of Prof. Achim Schneider.

Awarded a Fellowship by Royal College of Surgeons – Glasgow in May 2001 to spend a month at Dept. of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Project: Laparoscopy in Oncology.



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H.B.Tongaokar, V.H.Deshmane, A.V.Dalal, J.N.Kulkarni, M.R.Kamat: Growing Teratoma Syndrome: A Report of 4 cases and Review of Literature. J.Surg.Oncol. 1994: 55: 56-60.

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H.B.Tongaokar, M.B.Sampat, A.V.Dalal, J.N.Kulkarni, M.R.Kamat: Bilateral renal angiomyolipoma: A report of 5 cases and a review of literature. J.Surg.Oncol 1994: 57: 65-70.

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